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  • Inventory and Replenishment Slick

    Inventory and Replenishment Slick

    Smart supply chain management is here. Inventory and Replenishment provides real-time insight to raw material stockpiles while streamlining the ordering process and eliminating manual data entry.

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  • Data Security Infographic

    Data Security Infographic

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  • CONNEX Security By Design

    CONNEX Security By Design

    The CONNEX Platform is design with data ownership, privacy, and security at the heart of the platform architecture and experience.

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  • Download the CONNEX Connected Logo for Use

    Download the CONNEX Connected Logo for Use

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  • Resources for Our Third-Party Partners

    Resources for Our Third-Party Partners

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  • Social Resources

    Social Resources

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  • Upload Your Logo

    Upload Your Logo

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  • CONNEX Insights

    CONNEX Insights

    Imagine having the ability to monitor all of your synced equipment, materials, and personnel data activity in real time. CONNEX Insights has the power to do just that. Insights delivers a clear...

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  • CONNEX Jobsite

    CONNEX Jobsite

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  • CONNEX Connected

    CONNEX Connected

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