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July 6, 2018 Pete Dube

Batching up Product Quality

Construction is a competitive and demanding market. Contractors work with critical timelines and schedules; any disruptions can result in a cascade of backups that can cost thousands of dollars.  One of the most used building materials is concrete.  The design, batching, delivery, and placement of concrete is always a key event in any project.

Batching of concrete with today’s automated batch plants has become a common practice, however, all things are not equal.  It takes batch plant personnel that are trained and experienced in a variety of skills, particularly with an eye for quality control.  Precision batching is an art, it takes attention, patience, and trust in the equipment.

Today’s ready mix concrete is a highly engineered material that requires state of the art equipment to be manufactured accurately and within specification. Batching software and hardware ensure that the right amount of constituents get mixed or discharged into a mixing truck, within the exact tolerances of each mix design.  

Concrete that is batched accurately, will be able to leave the plant sooner, keep the truck cleaner, and make the delivery professional’s job safer and with less stress.  Ultimately, when the concrete arrives on site, ready to pour, it speeds up the entire placement resulting in a quality finished product. 

Command Alkon's COMMANDbatch suite of products helps you deliver greater quality and consistency through the batching process and gives insight in to the moisture level and temperature of the concrete to ensure that your customers are 100% satisfied with your product.

Contact us. Let us WOW you with COMMANDbatch!

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