How to Ensure Production Quality and Focus on Overall Production Analysis of Your Ready Mix Concrete

September 30, 2020 Karli Langner

How do you maximize profit in the heavy work industry?

Simple. Get your concrete right the first time. Concrete that is batched accurately will be able to leave the plant sooner, make the delivery process safer, and speed up placement, resulting in a quality finished product. Consistently delivering with both speed and quality is the key to return business and a growing customer base.

OK, maybe that’s not such a simple task. But, with the COMMANDbatch suite of products from Command Alkon, construction teams can take control of the batching process to ensure greater quality and consistency with unmatched speed and accuracy. COMMANDbatch is more than just a batch control system; it is a competitive asset for your business, allowing you to consistently produce high-quality concrete. It is fully customizable, with the ability to change all of the settings in real time.

COMMANDbatch empowers teams to:

  • Improve production speed by reducing load times by as much as 30%.
  • Reduce waste by eliminating inaccurate and inefficient production processes that waste materials and eat away at your margins.
  • Deliver consistent quality by reducing poor or out-of-spec concrete that results in rejected loads.
  • Capture real-time visibility and control into production operation by allowing easy access to production and operational information.

Aditionally, COMMANDbatch’s Precision Water System eliminates wet loads, simplifies calibration, and lets you achieve consistent results. ​After water management, temperature control is the next main quality issue for ready mix producers. The Precision Temperature System ensures quality while minimizing process heating and cooling costs.

Taking advantage of additional features and integrations such as supplyCONNECT Replenish for automated acceptance of material receipts, the Plant Watcher Notification System for monitoring and reporting for out of tolerance conditions, and additional sensors to monitor plant status and provide proactive alerts, the operator’s ability to dig out from under the manual, mundane tasks and focus on higher value production and corporate goals is ensured.

Bundling these capabilities with other advanced quality features such as the Precision Water System or Precision Temperature System can ensure the operator is focusing on the maximizing the efficiency of the business.

Not familiar with the speed and accuracy of our COMMANDbatch solution? There's so much more to discover! Jump in here

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