Exercise Safe Social Distancing with Remote Batching

April 22, 2020 Command Alkon

While many other businesses are coming to a halt in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, many construction companies across the world remain in operation. 

However, these economic and logistic changes are consistently pressuring construction companies to evaluate the ways that their business can stay efficient while ensuring safety for employees, partners, and customers.

Many operations are seeking ways to minimize the impact to their regular business operations while exercising safe social distancing. Software and automation technology can reduce the need for interactions between dispatchers, batch men, and other plant and jobsite personnel.

Remote Batching with COMMANDbatch allows you to access your batching computer remotely, so your employees can safely work from home while the plant still operates. Your workers will see and interact with the software the same way as they would normally – just without having to go into the plant!

The SMS (Soft Manual Station) feature allows the operator to manually feed material without being physically located next to the real manual station at the remote plant. Additionally, a Driver Authorization Box that can be easily installed at your plant allows drivers to remotely indicate that the truck is in place, that plant equipment is ready, and that no unauthorized personnel are around the equipment.

Keep yourself, your workers, and your customers healthy while maintaining your essential operations! Click here to discuss your current situation, your goals, and how Remote Batching can work for you now and into the future.

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