You Can’t Run Your Business with Your Eyes Closed – Visibility Achieved Through Next-Gen Tech

Visibility is important when organizations want to determine how well their operations are running, and whether they are delivering maximum value to the business. Greater visibility shows whether business activities are processing accurately, and it can also show whether processes are consistent with key business goals. That knowledge helps to improve overall business efficiency. Most companies strive to achieve this visibility so that they can benefit their businesses as well as their customer’s business.

Benevento Companies

Benevento Companies is located just north of the Boston, Massachusetts market. They are a family-owned private construction materials company that consists of one large stone quarry, two asphalt plant locations, two ready-mix concrete plant locations, and a recycling business. A leader in the industry, they have been supplying quality crushed stone, hot mix asphalt, and ready mix concrete products to their people for over 80 years.

Benevento Companies started out as a small family business. Over the last 8 to 10 years, they have experienced much growth. Having 50 trucks on the road in the concrete business can be a make or break situation–you can either lose a lot or gain a lot. Benevento decided that using a combination of Integra to manage pricing, customer orders, tickets, delivery, and billing their materials and TrackIt to manage their fleet would be the answer to continue delivering experiences that exceed customer expectation.

“The combination of Integra and TrackIt has drastically improved our customer service, scheduling of trucks, tracking KPIs, and managing sales. We went from a company that was effectively flying blind to a company that knows exactly what status every driver is in during every minute of the day.” – Joe Merlino, Operations Controller, Benevento Companies

They were one of the very first Command Alkon customers to integrate TrackIt with Integra.

“The GPS technology has really helped us develop a series of KPIs on the concrete drivers, and using the GPS system has made our drivers and our Dispatch office more efficient.”

Benevento is forward-thinking when it comes to implementing new technology. They are constantly making new investments and taking the necessary steps to discover new solutions that are becoming available, what new features are coming for existing solutions, what they can take advantage of, and what they should steer clear of.

We are proud to work with Benevento. Keep up with them on their journey to achieve operational excellence with their Integra/TrackIt duo!

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