Why contractors should embrace automation rather than fight it

The construction industry is facing two key challenges right now — a severe labor shortage and increasing materials costs. And according to Construction Business Owner magazine, this puts contractors in a compromising position.

“The work is there, but it has to be done more efficiently than ever, with a more frugal use of materials and a potentially smaller, less experienced crew.”

As a result, more Heavy Building Materials professionals are embracing automation. It’s crucial that contractors move in this direction to ensure that their operational efficiency keeps up with their rising work orders and that they appeal to a younger, more technology-driven workforce.

“If you can’t keep up, you will overspend on labor and materials, disappoint your clients and, ultimately, risk the failure of your business,” according to the article in Construction Business Owner magazine.

Where to start with automation

When trying something new (and selling this investment to higher-ups who may be more comfortable with the old way of doing things), it’s important to start with one process that can yield a reliable ROI, especially when it’s as sensitive of a topic as automation. Then, after this is successful, you can pursue bigger processes that may not have immediate results or monetary returns. One example of a good place to start would be automation software that can streamline paper-heavy processes, like document management, scheduling, budgeting, bidding, or time tracking. The goal here is to take a key, tedious, manual process that is typically time-consuming or prone to errors, and automate it. 

Command Alkon’s TrackIt is a way for contractors to embrace automation. This solution uses GPS Truck Tracking and Telematics equipment to give management a constant view of the location and performance of their entire fleet, eliminating the need for manual data entry or monitoring.

According to Construction Business Owner magazine, as long as you choose a strong product with a proven track record to automate your most labor-intensive, manual processes, you’ll be able to save time and money, all while appealing to younger hires who are sure to appreciate a willingness to evolve with technology. 

Saving everyone time and shaving off a significant margin of error is a great way to show the benefits of automation. Check out the full article to learn how you can increase your team’s ROI and embrace automation.

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