When Concrete is Too Wet

December 18, 2017 Command Alkon

Building contractors and other “concrete customers” deliberate how to handle a load that arrives on the jobsite and is just too wet.

Decisions are not easily made when you are in the midst of a pour and a load arrives at the jobsite that is questionable for placement.  “When is doubt, throw it out” may be the pervasive approach, yet other considerations do make contractors and other customers take pause of rejecting a load.  The following post from Concrete Construction takes a quick look at this dilema.


From a ready  mix producer perspective, to combat situations such as this, how valuable would it be to have real-time concrete property information conveyed from the drum of the truck into the hands of your drivers, dispatchers, and batch operators?  What if this information would allow you to make adjustments to future loads during the production process?  In addition, what would be the impact to your quality control initiatives to have access to that historical data on each delivered load?

You don’t have to imagine any longer.  Click here to start a conversation with us about solutions that can provide you this visibility.


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