"What Will Construction Technology be like in 2025?" Featured on Constructech


It' no secret that productivity in the Construction industry is low, and in order to give it a boost, new technological advancements must be embedded into every day operations. But what does that look like, and how can technology really make a difference?

Steve Cox, VP of Business Development, gives us his ideas of what the Construction industry should look out for within the next five years in this article on Constructech.

"The digital revolution of the past 50 years has opened new markets, sped industrialization in emerging economies, and facilitated doing business on a global basis. The construction industry needs to step up and surrender to the digital transformation.

What can technology do for the construction industry? It can connect stakeholders, providing more complete data for better orchestration of projects; foster collaboration between stakeholders to improve productivity; and create efficiencies across the entire construction ecosphere..."

Read the article here.

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