"Visibility, Collaboration Puts the Magic Into Differentiation and Meaningful Cost Savings" Featured on SupplyChainBrain

Ed Rusch

Ed Rusch, VP of Marketing at Command Alkon, discusses the growth opportunities that can be achieved when implementing next-gen, cloud enabled technology.

Featured on SupplyChainBrain:

"The improving economy has significantly increased construction activity, which has put additional pressure on the availability of materials, equipment and skilled labor.

Most construction projects have a strict time line that must be met. When speed bumps occur and a supplier can’t deliver the right materials or equipment, an entire project can be thrown off schedule. Poor visibility that results in materials shortages means faster, more expensive delivery methods have to be used to get materials on site. The main impediment to major advancements in the construction industry is the lack of technology solutions that drive dynamic interactions between business partners.

End-to-end supply chain visibility is needed to uncover roadblocks in shipping deadlines, accommodate volatility in customer demand, and prepare to mitigate risks – such as supplier failure or driver shortages. According to McKinsey & Company, businesses in the Heavy Building Materials (HBM) space invest less than 1 percent of revenues annually on IT and less than 20 percent have trading-partner connectivity. In too many ways, key business practices in construction more closely resemble a Sears and Roebuck catalog experience than an Amazon one..."  

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