The "Waiting Game" Could Be Costing You Time and Money

November 8, 2018 Karli Langner

Time is money, and wasting time is a great profit-robber for contractors of all sizes. Waiting, which virtually every contractor experiences several times every week, if not every day, is a waste that puts construction jobs at risk for late completion and costs contractors in quality, productivity and profitability. 

The waiting game is purely directed at those wasted minutes and hours that are at a standstill due to a breakdown in communication or planning:

  • Little to no planning
  • Poor or no communication
  • Misunderstanding about need, intent or expectation
  • Too many people “assume”
  • Apathetic or low-motivated workers
  • Little to no accountability
  • Poorly trained workers
  • Forgetful or poorly focused workers

How can we eliminate wasted time and dollars? Players in many other industries have benefited greatly by transitioning to a digitized platform; it is this transition that has helped improve communications, standardize workflows, optimize documentation location and availability, and most importantly, trust with business partners.

The Heavy Building Materials Supply Chain is complex, and many players contribute to complete projects. To help remove excess delays, BuildIt’s digital management abilities have the power to automate manual processes, eliminate misunderstandings that derive from paper tickets, and enhance communication between trading partners.

Download Transforming the Construction Material Supply Chain to learn more about how the journey to digital transformation can save you time and money.

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