The Forces of Change That Drive Digitization in Our Industry

The heavy building materials industry is ripe for digitization – and, for the most part, major players in this area are on the same page when it comes to this topic. Despite growth and the strong economy, there is still a need to shake things up and increase productivity. What is driving the change to digitization within the construction industry? Below are three contributing factors to this transition: 

1)       Finances – Subcontractors are worried that they are constantly in jeopardy of not getting paid. Making sure there is proof of work through photos and documentation can help to prevent this problem. It’s more efficient to keep this information in digital format which can be shared between businesses and individuals.

2)       Retirement of Baby Boomers – Thousands of baby boomers retire each day. This is especially concerning because 54 percent of construction managers are baby boomers. In the past, it may have been difficult for these workers to implement new software solutions because they are so used to the way that business has been conducted over the years. New technology can change their entire process, and that can be somewhat frightening.

Executives are beginning to understand the benefits of recruiting new, young employees that are used to using gadgets in their daily lives and are not afraid of making technology a key player in their workflows. This younger generation can learn from the baby boomers, while also easily adopting new solutions that maximize efficiencies in daily operations.

3)       Safety and Risk – Construction work is dangerous. Ensuring employees follow strict safety procedures is always good practice, and implementing technologies can also combat injury in the industry. Digital solutions can offer more than paperless processes. For example, truck tracking and telematics can reduce distracted driving, read and interpret diagnostic trouble codes, and ensure the vehicle is safe.

The time is now for digitization. No longer can construction businesses expect to grow by using paper-based processes to run their operations. Simply doing things the old way with paper and pencil is no longer acceptable. Undergoing a digital transformation can streamline your organization, leading to higher profits and better customer service.

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