The Brexit "No-Deal"

As many of us know, Brexit is a nickname for a British exit of the European Union, which is to take place in March 2019. The UK is one of 28 members of the European Union (EU), which cooperate on issues involving the environment, consumer protection, business regulation, trade, services, agriculture, regional aid, foreign policy, justice, data, citizenship and security.

Debate is still continuing on what will happen when Brexit occurs – or if it doesn’t in what people are now calling the Brexit “No-Deal.” Some are saying that a “No-Deal” would be worse for the UK economy that the 2008 economic crisis.

Let’s look at the construction industry to see what will happen in the “No-Deal” scenario. The construction industry contributes 7% to GDP and employs millions of people.

In a recent meeting within the UK government, a report relevant to contractors who source products from the EU mentioned, “that a no-deal Brexit would mean that the free circulation of goods between the UK and EU would cease. So, instead of the purchase of something from Madrid or Munich being much the same process as buying it from Manchester–as it is now–it will be like buying from Madagascar.”

Businesses are reporting that there will be a lot more paperwork and steps to bring materials into the UK from the EU, which will cause delays and raise costs. This includes paperwork on customs declarations, safety and security declarations, inspections, and more, including paying duty.

Construction firms can expect delays on receiving supplies, cost overruns for projects and disruptions up and down their supply chains.

However, new technological advances can help to automate processes, reduce paperwork and speed productivity.

Command Alkon offers many solutions for the construction and Heavy Building Materials industries. From automating business processes to tracking trucks at the jobsite, Command Alkon can help businesses lower costs, speed paperwork and improve efficiencies.

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