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Command Alkon's CONNEX Jobsite Helps You Avoid Waste, Eliminate Manual Tasks, And Improve Productivity With CONNEX Jobsite

Marketing Specialist, Karli Langner, speaks on behalf of Command Alkon's CONNEX Jobsite solution with SuperbCrew.

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to CONNEX Jobsite Suite?

A: Command Alkon provides solutions for the construction industry, which is one of the least digitized and automated markets in the world. Our solutions target the heavy work sector which has relied on paper-based processes for decades. CONNEX Jobsite takes the industry into the 21st Century.

CONNEX Jobsite solutions orchestrate material movement and offer job cost tracking, material order and delivery management, traceability of critical path materials, and material quality assurance information all in one centralized location.

Q: What are the key benefits of using CONNEX Jobsite?

A: Our CONNEX Connected solutions take information found on paper tickets and capture it digitally so you can see ticket data in real time, throughout the ticket’s life cycle. Digitalized documentation keeps your guys in the field instead of chasing paper tickets, allowing office personnel to no longer be buried in paperwork and tedious reconciliation processes.

Q: Who is your ideal user and why?

A: This particular solution was developed to drive value for contractors/owners/inspectors on heavy civil jobsites, but players, such as producers, suppliers, and haulers across the heavy work industry can also take advantage of CONNEX Jobsite! With CONNEX Jobsite, contractor personnel in the office (Project Engineers, Project Managers, Project Controls) have visibility of daily job costs and yield to understand and manage their budget; pump operators gain visibility of material/mix information and whether they’ll be able to pump; material testers and inspectors can confirm deliveries comply with specifications, and capture and append inspection/test results; Owners and DOTs can immediately have access to received quantities and test results; material suppliers and producers can instantly know if loads are accepted or rejected, and have visibility of live test results captured in the field; concrete and asphalt producer personnel (plant operators, dispatchers, managers) can track and receive material coming into their plants; materials haulers can provide dispatch with visibility on the material being hauled; and accounts payable personnel across all jobsite participants can ensure each load has been delivered/received and accounted for to streamline invoice reconciliation and payment processes.

Q: CONNEX offers more than just eTicketing; can you tell us something more?

A: CONNEX Jobsite:

  • Reduces manual processes to improve productivity and creates materials savings by enabling management of materials yield.
  • eProof of Deliveries (ePODs) can be exchanged via the cloud using business rules and automated workflows on Command Alkon’s many-to-many CONNEX Platform.
  • Brings material ticketing information to life by tracking materials entering a jobsite to streamline the real-time delivery process.
  • Integrates the buying, receiving, and accounting for materials to simplify the procure to pay process and speed reconciliation.
  • Provides real-time visibility of material quantities and job expenses.
  • Reduces waste and improves material yield and asset utilization.
  • Proactively provides customers with shipping status and expected delivery times for improved customer service.

Q: What are your plans with CONNEX Jobsite solutions?

A: Over the last few months, it’s become evident that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitization of the industry. There is a significant increase in demand for digital solutions, and stakeholders are driving change with eConstruction initiatives like CONNEX Jobsite provides. All parties across the supply chain such as owners, contractors and suppliers are trying to stay safe at the jobsite by reducing person-to-person contact. We believe that this will be the new standard for doing business going forward. To ensure stakeholders have the information that they need to move their construction projects forward while staying safe on the jobsite, various CONNEX Jobsite packages are available for users to select what features and functionality is most important to them, such as:

  • eTicket
  • Status/Location Times
  • Batch Results
  • ePod
  • Excel Ticket Export
  • API Support 3rd Party Integration
  • Dashboards
  • eTest
  • eOrder
  • Material Cost Management
  • Invoice Reconciliation
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