Streamlining Logistics = BIG Improvement Opportunities – For Your Customers and Your Reputation

With a vast amount of infrastructure growth, we are seeing the need to do more with less. Aggregate companies that have intelligent systems and technology backbones in place have reaped benefits from the ability to make insightful decisions based on data. These companies are also seeing substantial returns on investment through increased production, reduced costs, optimized logistics, and much more.

Apex technology is specific to the needs of bulk materials suppliers and is based years of industry expertise. This unmatched solution digitizes and simplifies manual processes and provides real-time integration with third-party offerings and ERP systems.

This dispatch software helps to meet the rising demands of the modern customer. Powerful insights link trading partners, process, and data together to empower contractors, simplify dispatch, and promote a positive brand image for your enterprise.

One common system allows your employees to manage the business from quote through to collection – enabling dispatchers, field workers, and customers to communicate directly with each other, while adding accountability and tracking that you can see from the office.

Assets and equipment are the backbones of your business. The ability to account for them is crucial to productivity, efficiency, and cost control. With Apex, you can reduce the risk of under and overweighs by having the scale head linked directly to the software. With so much going on at once, it’s easy to let things slip by, but Apex delivers more visibility into the weighing process with photo and video verification capabilities.

Forget about paper tickets when you implement MOBILEticket paperless ticketing solution with Apex Scale Ticketing. Gain the visibility you need to monitor and enforce loading activities and ensure a consistent and professional buying experience to your market. Midwest Concrete Materials has realized many benefits by integrating Apex with MOBILEticket. Check out their journey with these solutions in this article from Pit & Quarry magazine!

Efficiency is a critical competitive advantage for a small profit industry like the aggregate industry, and accounting for assets saves time and makes many processes more streamlined and faster.

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MOBILEsales - Focus on What Matters Most [Infographic]
MOBILEsales - Focus on What Matters Most [Infographic]

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