Stepping in to the Future With Digital Innovations

Lifting the Industry Out of the Dark Ages with Technology

Digitalization enables the automation and integration of discrete steps of a complex supply chain. Cement producers are realizing incredible benefits by combining these digital innovations with simple process improvements. 

Cement companies that have the intelligent systems and technology backbones in place have reaped benefits from the ability to make insightful decisions based on data. These companies are also seeing substantial return on investment through increased production, reduced costs, optimized logistics, and much more.

Command Alkon’s Apex Ticketing & Automation family of products can transform your cement operations by simplifying dispatching, increasing ticketing speeds, reducing truck time in the plant, reducing driver communications, and delivering A+ experiences to your valued customers. These benefits are gained using a combination of auto identification technology, driver kiosks, mobile loader applications, remote printers, traffic signals, remote driver displays, cameras, and a scale and loadout monitoring  solution.

How Does Apex Automation Work?

Apex automation streamlines the business processes and operational tasks necessary to ticket and scale bulk products. Drivers can check-in, load, and ticket trucks without interruption or interaction with plant personnel. Advanced-scale ticketing software works in conjunction with simple site-automation technologies to deliver impressive improvements in the speed, efficiency, and safety of operations.

These point of sale modules interface directly with the sale, dispatch, transportation management, and  back-office modules for quoting, invoicing, receivables, inventory, reporting, and business intelligence ensure that information flows quickly and easily across your enterprise. All your processes are connected—from sales through dispatch and to the office.

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