Simplifying the Materials Receiving Process Provides Visibility to Amplify Your Operations

In the construction industry, one of the common challenges people face is issues with material management. Inefficient material management can lead to problems with the timeline for entire projects. Visibility into shipments helps to gain control of inventory and avoid the need to make emergency shipments.


When materials management processes are done manually, staff tend to spend extra time handling tickets, which often leads to errors and inaccuracies. Receipts are not entered in real-time, resulting in outdated information when it comes to inventory levels, and important business decisions being made without real-time information.

Materials management processes need to be digitized to proactively manage project timelines and costs. By digitizing receipts, reconciling with invoices is quick, easy, and accurate. Even when a delivery is made after hours, the information can still be captured. Instead of replacing parts or supplies one at a time on a manual basis, a digitized solution will help to gain significant savings in cost, time, and productivity.

supplyCONNECT Replenish from Command Alkon improves and digitizes the materials receiving process at the ready mix plant, by eliminating manual processes that help to improve accuracy. With supplyCONNECT Replenish, material receipts are automatically captured, providing visibility into future deliveries and eliminating errors for improved reconciliation.

Without waiting until the end of the day to enter material receipts, batch operators can focus on plant activities instead of managing materials. It is estimated that it takes a batch operator 2+ minutes to enter a receipt for each good (if uninterrupted). If there are 45 deliveries during the day, that means your operator can spend an extra 90+ minutes at the end of the day entering tickets. By digitizing this process, operators can spend time focusing on other important matters.

Managers may think it is cost prohibitive/time consuming to maintain real-time inventory, however the impact of waiting until the end of day to reconcile materials receipts costs more in labor and inaccuracies than the investment to make this happen. With supplyCONNECT Replenish, you speed up the materials receiving process and greatly improve accuracy.  

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