Set Yourself Apart from the Competition; Take Your Logistics Management to the Next Level

Set Yourself Apart from the Competition; Take Your Logistics Management to the Next Level

Usually when we see the word “logistics,” one company comes to mind – Amazon! Yes, we love Amazon, and we love that free two-day shipping that comes with Amazon Prime. It might cost you a few extra dollars a month, but it’s worth it if you get your items almost as quickly as you ordered them. But what if your items weren’t on your doorstep two days after you pressed that “order” button; what if your items consistently took more than two days to arrive? You’d probably start to think that those few extra dollars a month aren’t worth the poor quality of service you’re receiving.

Excellent Customer Service Doesn’t Happen by Accident, it Happens on Purpose

This customer expectation doesn’t only pertain to Amazon or retail in general; many companies across many different industries are tailoring their logistics management strategies to make them more customer-centric. Customers want what they’re paying for, and they are relying on better and faster deliveries; therefore, companies must evolve their supply chain to meet their customers’ needs. Supply Chain Management Review posted an article about major supply chain trends for this year.

A few trends that will take center stage include “real-time visibility,” “big data,” and “openness to the unknown.” Understanding and implementing these factors in to your logistics equation can help evolve your supply chain and provide an A+ customer experience.

“The Power of Visibility Can Never Be Underestimated.” -Margaret Cho

Excellent logistics management in the Heavy Building Materials (HBM) industry is a pretty big deal, especially considering the lifespan of some of the materials being delivered to jobsites. It’s crucial that perishable materials make it to the jobsite in a timely manner, and this kind of urgency can make customers constantly worry about the supply chain behind their purchases. The ability to track your fleet in real-time gives you and your customer a constant view into the status of the order, offering total visibility and transparency. Supply chain transparency improves customer experience, builds your customer’s trust, and leads to a stronger bottom line. Adopting this trend can put your customer at ease and strengthen your relationship.

Life is Unpredictable. It’s How You React to it That Counts.

No matter how awesome of a plan you’ve implemented for your company’s supply chain, we live in the real world; and, in the “real world,” we are ruled by the forces of chance and coincidence. When it comes to dispatch and logistics, the disruptions that the world decides to throw your supply chain’s way can lead to increased costs and poor customer experiences. Predictive analytics are becoming a trend because they can help anticipate and respond to these disruptions. It works in real-time, making suggestions that enhance your decision making and help your dispatch planning to get back on track.

Old Paths Won’t Pave New Roads

The supply chain is constantly evolving; therefore, your company must be constantly evolving. The ability to react to industry changes and implement new solutions and technologies is what sets some companies apart. We are an industry that is slow to adapt to these sorts of changes. Those who can embrace the opportunity and take it by the reigns are the ones who will experience success in their supply chain management.

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