Save Considerable Dispatcher and Employee Time

Driver Scheduling Made Easy

Do you run into issues in communicating start times, locations, and truck assignments to your employees?

With varying schedules, keeping everyone up to date can be a challenge. How much easier would it be to be able to publish the schedules and allow drivers and other employees to simply call in to retrieve their start times and other published messages?

What if you had data that recorded when your employees call in to retrieve their schedule and messages? You would know for sure that employees have received the most recent safety alerts, weather scenarios, traffic statuses and other important messages.

Think about your employee scheduling process. Could you improve it in any way?

What if there was a solution that could integrate with time and attendance systems to provide actual clock-hours to schedulers, helping them make decisions that avoid overtime. You could save money by sending intended start times to the time and attendance system and prevent employees from clocking in before their scheduled time.

If your business can find value in a solution like this, look no further. There’s a way to provide dynamic schedule information to your employees.

ScheduleCom is a voice based schedule publishing and retrieval system designed to optimize the process of communicating schedule information to employees of dynamic work environments, such as Trucking and Ready Mix operations.

Using only a web browser, your dispatch personnel can quickly compose and publish a schedule of employees, locations, vehicles and start times. Once the schedule is published, your  employees can call into the system from any phone to hear only their schedule as well as any employee announcements. Employee responses can be recorded and the system can even pose questions to your employees and capture their answers.

Simplify your operations by empowering yourself to manage changes and optimize your drivers' schedules and plant hours.

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