Safety of Things With Our Friends North of the Border, VCNA’s Canada Building Materials

October 11, 2018 Pete Dube

We recently had the opportunity to take a plant tour at VCNA Canada Building Material’s Leaside ready mix plant with Area Logistics and Operations manager, Carmen Lamanna, and with Plant Manager, Danielle Belchior.

Danielle gave us the run-down of plant operations. Leaside has two batch plants on site, with enough capacity to handle the on-fire market in Metro Toronto. On our way to the plant, we lost count of the number of tower cranes in downtown Toronto. Everywhere you looked, youu could see new work breaking ground as well. 

Danielle is very knowledgeable of COMMANDbatch and COMMANDseries. We observed as she loaded several trucks, and were astonished at how much of a pro she is!

Pictured above is Canada Building Materials' Leaside Plant. The plant is very well maintained, and as many of us know, a clean yard is a safe yard. Carmen took me on a brief tour of the plant and surrounding administration office area. Along the way we had a conversation with ready mix truck operator, Pat Morra.  Pat gave us a quick step through of his Command Alkon TrackIt tablet, complete with a great review of how the technology makes his job easier.  Pat takes pride in being a delivery pro. His truck is 5+ years old and still looks showroom ready.

It was evident right away that VCNA takes safety seriously. When entering their office lobby, you are greeted by their ‘safety mascots’. VCNA understands and puts into practice the "Safety of Things."

Carmen explained that safety is the guiding principle and a core value in all of Canada Building Materials' daily activities. From proper PPE, driver training, and even an emergency "muster" area in the parking lot that is denoted by office floor number, allowing easy and quick head count.

Thanks again to Carmen and Danielle for their hospitality and demonstrating through action, that the safety and well-being of their employees and themselves, ensures that everyone will "Start Safe – Finish Safe."

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