Safety of Things–It’s Personal

September 4, 2018 Pete Dube

My wife and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary over the Labor Day weekend–35 years! For 35 years, I have been returning home safely every day.  Over my work career I have had a variety of roles; some in manufacturing settings, some with heavy construction job site conditions, and others in an office setting. Through training, awareness, experience, others looking out for me, and most importantly–my personal responsibility and ownership, I have never had a job-related injury or incident.

When I think back on 35 years of marriage, I reflect on the ingredients of our successful relationship. Through thick and thin, the good times, and the hard times. The dedication, the work, the daily routine of it.  The special times that reminds us of the love that makes it all worthwhile. 

Safety is a lot like our personal relationships.  There are safety ingredients that make up our work lives: the environment, the motivations, your company safety rules, the daily routine of our jobs. Some days, it takes “grind” to Start Safe–Finish Safe.  Grinding out each task the right way, for the right reasons. Being consistent, creating the muscle and emotional memory that builds natural safety skills. This is what it means to own your safety responsibility; to go home each night the same way you came in.  

Thirty-five years of marriage, much like 35 years of incident free work, takes effort and dedication. It doesn’t just happen out of luck.  I’m fortunate to have been given the perfect life partner, my reason to Start Safe–Finish Safe. Find your daily motivation–that safety ingredient that gets you home healthy each night.  Own that motivation and grind it out each day. It is so worth it. 

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