Recognizing Erin Workman, Ready Mix Driver at Scioto Ready Mix

While Ready Mix Truck Drivers’ jobs are appreciated, one has to wonder if there truly is awareness from other players in the industry about the responsibilities of the driver and how much they truly contribute to the companies where they are employed. We know that they are trusted to safely deliver the product to the customer and ensure their truck stays clean and in one piece, but that isn’t all! Mixer drivers are responsible for so much more than just ensuring the product is delivered to the jobsite; they are involved in the production of the product, the preservation of the quality of the product, delivery of the product within the required time limit, the consistency of the product, and the placement of the product.

Scioto Ready Mix entered the market in 2006 as a family-owned and operated company in Columbus, Ohio. They service over six counties in central Ohio, operating with 7 plants in 5 different plant locations. They place a huge emphasis on their ability to deliver great service and quality products to their customers. Their mixer drivers – like Erin Workman – play a huge role in delivering excellent customer experiences. We got to catch up with Erin and ask her a little bit about her day-to-day as a mixer driver!

Can you describe a typical day for a ready mix truck driver?

Each day is a bit different, which is what I love about this job. I get a text message each day that includes my schedule. I come in and pre-trip my truck, and then get started on the orders that Dispatch has for me. We have tablets in our trucks now, so radio traffic has cut down because we aren’t communicating with Dispatch through the radio. They just send us a quick message on the tablet so that we know which plants to go to.

What attracted you to this line of work?

I got my CDL three years ago and began working for Scioto. I think that from a customer service standpoint, it’s important to know exactly what you’re hauling. That’s why I really try to learn as much as I can about concrete and the science behind it. You learn something new every day with this job – there’s no doubt about that!

How does your job impact the organization as a whole?

Drivers are the ones who get the materials moving, but it’s really a team effort. It takes excellent communication, and everyone has to do their part to get the job going. The product doesn’t physically make it to the job without drivers, but we work with the rest of the group to ensure the product even makes it on the truck and makes it to the right place and the right time.

Can you tell me the most fun you’ve had while on the job?

I’ve gotten to take my truck to a “Touch a Truck” car show, where children can climb up inside of the cab and explore everything in there. It’s so much fun to see them get so excited, and I hope it’s an experience that stays with them.

What kind of challenges do you experience on the job?

Weather can definitely be a big challenge in the state of Ohio because it is always raining or snowing. Traffic can also be a bit dangerous, and there are often roads that prohibit mixer trucks from driving on them. Another challenge can be just knowing what you have in the drop and maintaining the quality of the product before it makes it to the jobsite out of spec.

How does the use of technology help you to perform your job?

We started using the TrackIt tablets about a year or two ago, and they have been a blessing. It helps Dispatch know when we’re loading, in-transit, or washing out, and it has the GPS, which is a tremendous help in ensuring we make it to our jobs.

What sort of goals do you set for yourself that help you to perform your job well?

I like to continuously set goals for how many orders I can haul in a day. I also work to improve my driving everyday and strive to deliver my customers excellent service while keeping us both safe.

What is your greatest achievement, not only inside of work, but outside of work as well?

I was the number two hauler in the company last year. Customers will call in to Dispatch pretty often to let them know how well I’m doing, so that always makes me feel nice and boosts my confidence. Outside of work, my biggest accomplishment is my family.

What character traits would your friends use to describe you?

Hardworking and dedicated.

What do you like to do for fun?

I like to ride Harleys and quads, and I love to watch my stepson race his dirt bike. We travel around Ohio and camp out in our camper, and it’s an honor to see him do what he loves and excel in it.

Thanks to Erin for all that she does to keep the industry moving forward!

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