Raw Material Delivery Costs – Flexibility is Key

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How many times this week have you had to make that quick call to a supplier just down the road to get a delivery into the yard immediately? This is why many producers are paying more for freight than necessary to meet demand. Armed with the real-time information that allows for proactive decision making, producers can gain flexibility into their raw materials sourcing options.

During a recent visit with Jacob Davis, Operations Manager at Wayne Davis Concrete, he explained how supplyCONNECT delivers the insightful information he needs to turn his supply and demand balancing routine from reactive mode to proactive decision making, allowing him to ensure he is receiving the lowest delivery costs possible. See how Jacob responds to the questions below.

How does supplyCONNECT provide flexibility and cost savings in sourcing your cement?

How has supplyCONNECT help you maximize use of your own fleet?

To receive a white paper highlighting the full story on Wayne Davis Concrete and their success with supplyCONNECT please click here.

About Wayne Davis Concrete

Wayne Davis Concrete is the largest family-owned ready mix producer serving the West Georgia area. Operations currently include 14 ready mix plants and a fleet of over 100 ready mix trucks.  Services also include the supply of crushed stone, sand, block, and related masonry products.  The company was founded in 1971 and currently employs 185 professionals.

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