People in Command: Ross Hall

Ross Hall has served as a QA Analyst for nearly 3 years at our office in Draper, Utah. He tests various pieces of the TrackIt system from the website to the application on the device. In his role, he’s able to work with other teams within the company – for example, he’s currently working with the COMMANDassurance team. He’s the master of data flows – always ensuring that information moves how and where we want it.

Prior to joining Command Alkon, Ross worked as a QA for an insurance company. The work was stagnant, and to broaden his skills he wanted to try working in an industry that was entirely new to him – enter Command Alkon. Since joining our company, Ross has become close with the members within and outside of his team.

Advice he would give to someone interested in joining the Command Alkon team? Don’t be afraid! Stretch your limits, figure out what you’re capable of, and always be willing to adapt. You might think that you’re signing up for a certain role, but it could easily change.

Ross works on the New Features Scrum team, which gives him the opportunity to learn about all of the software products that Command Alkon develops. He’s not exactly a pro in each and every one, but he has a pretty good working knowledge (Ross, you should come join the Marketing team! ;])

In the future, Ross would like to learn how Command Alkon can integrate new technologies in this industry that is constantly growing and evolving, as well as updating current product offerings to make them even more optimal.

Another passion of Ross’ is drawing. He has been a little artist since the age of 6 and has recently had the opportunity to channel his energy back into his first passion. He recently got an iPad pro, giving him the power to draw and create. When he isn’t drawing, he loves to spend time with his wife and three kids.

Something you might be interested to know about Ross? He’s a model! Well…not really. But he did walk the catwalk once for America’s Next Top Model. He was a Production Assistant for the show, and had to strut his stuff in order for the camera crew to line up a shot. His parents also once had Thanksgiving dinner with ZZ Top. Before the fame and the beards, but hey, still counts 100%!

Thank you to Ross for all he does for Command Alkon, and for the entertainment! Hands down – some of the best “interesting facts” that I’ve heard during the course of the People in Command series.

To learn more about TrackIt, the Truck Tracking & Telematics system that Ross works on, click here!

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