People in Command: Monica Wiley

If you work at Command Alkon’s global HQ in Birmingham, the Chicago office, or the Salt Lake City office, chances are you have encountered Monica Wiley’s infectious smile. In the past two years, she has developed from an HR Generalist, to People Business Partner, and she just recently received a promotion to People Business Manager.

Monica handles all of the Human Resource (HR) needs for Chicago and Salt Lake City. She also manages all of the systems that the People team uses for HR.

The People team is a perfect fit for Monica, because she loves working to draw in amazing people that have the potential to enhance the company. “My favorite part is the impact I get to make for the groups that I support. One new hire can change the dynamics and the direction that the product line may be going and I find that so exciting. It keeps me motivated,” says Monica.

Monica didn’t initially discover her passions for HR. She started out in Finance, and then returned to school to pursue a psychology degree. Her college mentor helped her realize that helping people through Human Resources is what she loves. It started out with a 2-month long internship, and Monica has been hooked ever since!

Most of us at Command Alkon understand that our People team seeks out new talent to join our company, but what some of us may not realize is that every time we go to the doctor and our healthcare benefits are active, we can thank Monica and her team. They are constantly making sure that benefits are up to date, because our lives and health outside of the company are important.  They also work closely with our leadership team to optimize their leadership skills and engage their workforce.  In addition, the People team is constantly working to align themselves with the business.  To hire the best talent, you have to know what you do and what talent you need to achieve the mission and goals of the company.

Monica makes her love for Command Alkon apparent by the way that she carries herself. Her bubbly personality and positive attitude resonates with those that she comes in contact with, and it’s no wonder that her dedication to the company is why she was selected for the President’s Club this past year. What’s her “secret sauce” when recruiting new talent for the company that she loves so much? It’s simple, really–she just speaks the truth.

“When I’m recruiting, I just tell potential employees exactly who Command Alkon is, our core values, our A+ experience initiatives, and what the culture is like,” said Monica. “When I get asked ‘why do you love working for Command Alkon?’ I have to say that it’s because of the people. The talent here is absolutely amazing, and our leadership team is so passionate about what they do, which really flows down to all of the employees.”

Some advice that Monica would give to someone who is interested in joining the team at Command Alkon? Be yourself. Truly be yourself.

“Come in knowing that you're coming into a family–because here, you're not a number, you're a person with a name. Whatever team you join is going to embrace you with open arms, so don't hold back your ideas,” said Monica. “We welcome your opinions, and your feedback is always going to be acknowledged.”

At Command Alkon, we are empowered as employees to ask the question “why?”

Monica believes that this is the reason why we recruit the best talent and receive the most loyalty from our employees, which is truly something that not every company offers.

“We are given the opportunity to fail, and I love that because some ideas are going to be big flops, but at least we tried; at least we know it doesn't work that way–let’s look at it again from a different angle,” said Monica. “To be given that ability is one of the many reasons why I stay here.”

In her free time, Monica enjoys reading. She believes that reading is a wonderful way to strengthen the mind.

There’s something that Monica briefly touched on while discussing her love for Command Alkon. It’s one of the tiniest things, but one that definitely adds to the perks of being an employee of Command Alkon. Two words:

Sonic. Ice. Our break rooms are stocked with the same chewable, soft textured ice that you can get at Sonic; but it’s better, because it’s free.

We can’t add the fact that we provide superior ice to our employees on our benefits page (believe me, Monica has tried), but just sayin'– the ice could very well be a tiny contributor to Command Alkon being named one of the Best Places to Work by the Birmingham Business Journal for the past three years.

If you are interested in joining the team at Command Alkon, please browse our list of available career opportunities. At Command Alkon, we believe in building an amazing world together. Come be part of a team that makes a difference.

Thank you, Monica, for all that you and your team do for this company!

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