People in Command: Eric Godsey

Anna Tuggle

The product owner role is one that is new to Command Alkon. This role aligns with the agile transformation. The product owner is able to get miles deep in a specific niche rather than miles wide in all aspects of our business.

Eric Godsey is a 13-year veteran of programming our product lines. Eric is a product owner for COMMANDseries.

“I went to school in Florida in Pensacola for programming, and just as quickly as I graduated, Command was hiring entry level programmers for the COMMANDseries product,” said Eric.

As Command Alkon transitioned, so did Eric.

“I did that for two years, and I made team lead,” said Eric. “After so long at that position I made manager, and I did that for three years. Then, last fall, I became a product owner.”

The product owner position gets to make product decisions, work with a team, act as a mediary between the team and the internal and external stakeholders.

“Before, I was responsible for personnel as well as product, but with this agile transformation I finally realized that was too much. We decided to split that house, and now there are managers and then each product has a product owner,” said Eric.

Eric shared that in the everchanging software world it is rare that there is a product that has been around for 20+ years.

“What product do you use that has been around for that long? But this one [COMMANDseries] has been the standard that the industry has really been built on when it comes to computerizing production,” said Eric.

Eric’s cataloged experience allows him to have a unique insight in to our product. Eric has been able to see a lot of changes within Command Alkon. Because of this, he has an upper hand when it comes to problem solving, working with customers, and helping equip his team.

Outside of work, Eric has recently picked up woodworking.

“I sort of have a shop. I moved into a new house recently, so I have enough of a garage space to have a woodworking shop. I made some coffee tables and end tables, and I'm making some cabinets right now,” said Eric.

It was great sitting down and learning more about Command Alkon from Eric’s perspective.

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