People in Command: Drew Brown

People in Command is a blog series highlighting the people that make Command Alkon what it is.

These are our in-house heroes that play crucial roles in building amazing.

Command Alkon University is a new initiative to help improve skills and support our customers.

I got to sit down with Drew Brown, a Batch Support Specialist, to hear about his CA University experience.


“As a batch support specialist I service all the phone calls, so whenever they call in and have an issue in their plant with our system, I'll troubleshoot over the phone or remote into their computer and fix their issues,” shared Drew.

Drew also shared that he gets the opportunity to travel and help with product installs or onsite services.

Drew had the opportunity be a part of the first launch of our CA University curriculum and classes. The ability to come together and share knowledge was something that Drew was really impacted by.

“We had the basic troubleshooting class. There was a general curriculum, but everybody else in the class contributed by suggesting new ways to solve problems,” said Drew, “that general sharing of knowledge was probably the biggest takeaway for me.”

CA University is something that will greatly impact the future of our business and industry. I asked Drew about the future of CA University and he shared the impact that he think it will have.

“If we're all up to speed on the same skill level, we know how to use the same tools that all of our other team members know, then we are providing a baseline service. It's A plus customer service. Right?” said Drew.

CA University is going to be so influential in the industry. I loved learning how Drew is taking command by furthering his skills to keep that A plus customer service.

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