People in Command: Casey Ralston

You may have seen Casey Ralston’s (previously Riddlesperger) name while scrolling through your Outlook inbox. She is the very first Paralegal at Command Alkon, and her role includes assisting with IP matters (such as trademarks, copyrights, and patents), corporate record maintenance, compliance with various domestic and foreign requirements, and general legal assistance. Since she joined the company in October of 2017, her focus has been maintaining and organizing the corporate records  using a new platform for higher efficiency and becoming compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If Casey hasn’t sent you an email about copyrights, it’s possible that you’ve received an email from her about the GDPR.

Casey is also currently working on a contract intake platform. This was extremely interesting to me – when contracts need to be reviewed, they will be uploaded in to a system where the legal team can examine them. For example, if you need to engage a vendor or a third party and a contract needs to be approved, you would upload it in to the system and then receive an email with a link to your contract’s ticket. The link allows you to continuously check the status of the contract, eliminating the need to send an email, pick up the phone, or walk to the legal team’s work space. How convenient and efficient is that?! I’m very impressed with Casey and her team’s hard work on this project.

I asked Casey what led her to Command Alkon, and I loved the response that I received. She told me that a friend of hers whom she worked with many years ago reached out to her and asked if she would consider a position at Command Alkon. She had never heard about our organization, but she noticed the impact that the company culture had on her friend. “Over the years that she was here, she was just happy and she was always in a good mood,” said Ralston. “She always talked about how wonderful her job was and how wonderful the company was. It makes a big difference to work with people you enjoy being around.” Casey accepted the position and says that it’s the best career decision she has ever made.

Casey’s favorite part about her profession is the people that she works with daily. “I love my team; everybody that I work with, all of my people that I deal with on a daily basis – they’re just amazing and unique” said Ralston.

Casey is one of Command Alkon’s in-house heroes. Thank you to her and her team for all that they do to ensure the company continues to thrive.

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