Outdated Processes in the Construction Industry Brings a New Meaning to “Chasing Paper”

Back-office operations are riddled with inaccurate information, lost tickets, and a tedious reconciliation process just to generate invoices.  Credits and rebills constantly plague the payment process and make an obvious impact on the efficiency of your back-office operations. The opportunity for improving the efficiency of delivery and invoicing processes, capturing back time, effort, and dollars, and providing customers with a more positive user experience are all baked into the removal of paper delivery tickets from the equation. 

Cash that could otherwise be invested towards growth in the company is instead left tied up in paper tickets sitting on desks or lost on jobsites. With roughly 250 million Heavy Building Materials delivery tickets being handled each year in North America alone, there are significant savings to be had.

Consider a ten-plant operation where one person in the office is dedicated to invoicing all day, every day.  What if that process could be cut down to half a day instead?  Based on an average salary for that clerk being 50K, that’s a 25K resource investment that can be moved to improving company growth and profitability in other areas. Add on the cost of the physical ticket, courier fees, and scanning and document management costs; and you have a sizable savings for your ten-plant operation based strictly on eliminating handling of the paper.

The ability to access these tickets through a digital platform eliminates the clerical and storage costs associated with paper-based processes, and allows instant retrieval and access to all historical delivery ticket data.  The digital footprint of each ticket can easily be exchanged from production, to dispatch, to jobsite, and back to the office. Cost savings are also passed on to the customers’ jobsite operations and the overall customer experience is improved as they immediately are emailed the delivery ticket as soon as the delivery has occurred. Because the electronic tickets contain accurate information and are immediately available, invoicing processes that used to take 6-8 hours can now be completed in less than an hour.

A digital solution like MOBILEticket can increase the efficiency in the back office and increase productivity in fleet as well. Drivers save time in the yard because they don’t have to write on paper tickets or call back to dispatch with delivery questions.  Drivers have real time access to all ticket data in the cab and can easily note additions and changes. They also automatically receive details for their next assignment as soon as their delivery occurs.  These time savings have allowed some drivers to fit in as much as 3 extra loads per truck per day. 

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