Need A Productivity Boost? CONNEX Jobsite Can Help Set Your Job Up for Success

Organizations can manage following tried and true principles within the industry; but, in this competitive market, it takes something truly unique, truly big, to make customers sit up and take notice.

One of North America’s leading construction and engineering organizations saw a need for a web-based business-to-business portal to connect the Heavy Building Materials Supply Chain and increase efficiencies for a mega infrastructure project. Command Alkon responded by building the system. Command Alkon’s Brand Champion, Amber Vines, was able to speak with Boris Germanov, former Digital Transformation Director with the company that played a vital role in the development of this solution.

Amber: So, can you explain your role at the time with the company?

Boris: I was a digital transformation director and worked there for 15 years. And then I just started my own company, my own practice, this professional practice for consulting called Boris and Associates, INC. and that has just started this January.

Amber: What challenges did your previous company face, and what led to developing CONNEX Jobsite?

Boris: Well, there are several things that led to creation of CONNEX Jobsite. One is from an efficiency perspective on handling the paperwork. Engineering firms are way behind in regards to technology and in regards to digitization of their business processes, which renders them inadequate for the market.

Therefore, CONNEX Jobsite plays a role there. Its efficiency on transforming the usual paper process into a digital one; with integrations and queries, and the items reported on that data. That's basically the data on or how to manage and analyze that data afterwards.

Amber: Do you have a specific example of how CONNEX Jobsite helped your company and your customers?

Boris: Just one example is integration of electronic tickets. You have a query, you integrate the query into the actual Command Alkon database so we can sort tickets directly from the query connecting their databases. That data is then sourced into CONNEX Jobsite. To provide the electronic ticket in CONNEX Jobsite, you can validate that ticket automatically. All of this is just saving time on the receiving end on the job site; and at the same time, reducing the amount of hours and by an engineering point.

Let’s dive deeper into a few of the pieces that Boris is talking about..

You know the deal – standard ordering processes vary for each large job that you work on. When so many different companies come together, operational tasks have to be discussed to have everyone on the same page. A benefit of CONNEX Jobsite is that early supplier involvement helps to structure the contracts between you and your customer. This gives you some control over your customer’s ordering procedures, which in return helps to define the way that they are going to pay their invoices.

One central order form going to one central location allows both you and your customer to track the life of the entire order. If there is certain information that you need to know from your customer, this information can be a required field on your order form.

A true value piece of CONNEX Jobsiteis the ability to quick filter through information when reporting the amount of materials that you provided on the jobsite on a weekly or monthly basis. You have that information on your dashboard in real-time. This feature helps you stay compliant with Department of Transportation requirements in a timely fashion and with ease.

With CONNEX Jobsite, you’re empowered with visibility that allows you to be proactive. Each time a ticket is rejected, you will receive an alert. Understanding why tickets are being rejected gives you the ability to ensure the operations at your plant are running at optimal performance. If multiple loads are being rejected, you know that something is going on with your production or QC personnel, allowing you to put a stop to the madness and prevent the mishap from taking an even bigger chunk out of your bottom line.

Having the data transferred electronically helps to ensure that tickets arrive on the jobsite and to the back-office – putting an end to non-productive time that is spent tracking down tickets and invoices. Customer satisfaction is the top priority, and oftentimes to keep customers happy, we have to take a bite out of our own bottom lines. Not with CONNEX Jobsite. The system puts an end to paying for materials that were received on the jobsite without the indication that they’ve been received. The order forms track all of the information so that you can go back to the orders and show that they’ve been checked into the site.

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