Improve Accuracy, Speed, and Safety for Drivers

In addition to all the rules and regulations, a great percentage of driver time is spent doing non-driving tasks, such as paperwork. Drivers are given paper tickets at the start of their journey that tells them where to go, what to deliver, and when. What happens if the papers get out of order? Or lost? It’s not easy for drivers to keep paperwork updated as they go through their day. Since drivers are on a tight schedule, they usually wait until the end of the day to update their files with information of their journey, drop-offs, time spent, etc.

Wouldn’t it be more valuable for drivers if they had digital tools that could capture delivery information in real-time? If they had visibility to keep track of orders and statuses? If all their paperwork was online and tickets couldn’t be lost or duplicated?

What about when a delivery order changes? The driver has to be notified somehow – usually with a phone call – about a delivery change. With a digital tool, delivery additions and changes could be captured and sent to drivers in real-time.

Command Alkon’s MOBILEticket helps drivers eliminate paperwork and distractions from telephone calls. MOBILEticket provides immediate delivery notification, automatically assigns drivers their next job as a delivery occurs, allows businesses to invoice faster and more accurately, and eliminates admin time and costs. You can instantly retrieve and access all historical ticket data.

Users of MOBILEticket have realized $4200 annual savings per truck on driver time alone. With MOBILEticket, drivers can stay in the truck to complete paperwork, saving about 10 minutes per load and countless hours processing invoices.

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