Leading the Team Forward to New Strengths in the Face of Adversity

Like a ship’s navigation system in a storm, a clear strategy is the only way companies can stay on a successful course, especially in today’s world of constant change with the pandemic.

Yet the hardest part is making the changes needed, and during this unprecedented time, it helps to have one leader to inspire the actions that will drive those changes.

Doan Companies

Doan Companies is taking advantage of free eTicketing Essentials throughout the 2020 calendar year, and they’ve touted their successful implementation of the app and the changes its making in their operations.

“The onboarding process was pretty easy. All of the information's there – it’s important that everyone on a job is involved to reap the most value of eTicketing with CONNEX.”

Doan Companies embraced the eTicketing Essentials offer and really ran with it. Because of the ease of onboarding the Platform, they were able to get two of their trading partners on board with very little help from Command Alkon. To do this, the first step was to find a champion to implement eTicketing and to reach out to their partners to do the same.

Doan Companies’ champion is Manager, TJ McCurry, and this is the story of how he basically single-handedly got his own company and two of their trading partners, GM & Sons and Florence, onboarded to CONNEX and sending and receiving eTickets via the cloud.

GM & Sons

Part of what makes a great leader is taking the time to educate people on new business initiatives matter. They need to know why their work makes a difference to the company’s success, as well as how that success will help their own careers.

To get GM & Sons in the know about eTicketing, TJ hosted a webinar for some lead foremen from GM & Sons and three representatives from the local county. He was able to share his phone through Zoom, allowing him to demonstrate to them what the app looks like and how it works.

He also walked them through navigating the desktop version. The webinar took place on a Thursday, and GM & Sons were planning a big pour that next Monday.

When Monday rolled around, TJ was on site and was able to assist the foremen while they adjusted to eTicketing capabilities. The foreman on the job never had to handle a ticket because all of the information was in the palm of his hand with the CONNEX app.

“That foreman has had great success with it in the subsequent pours thereafter. I think we did probably 630 yards out there on that project, and he never had to handle a ticket.”


Creating change is no easy feat – but having champions can clarify and accelerate those efforts. That individual or team keeps everyone’s eyes on the prize of a successful implementation.

Once one project or stage is complete, the project champion leaps into action to get the next one rolling – a hero in the lifecycle of project management.

To get Florence started with eTicketing, TJ  showed some of their foremen and their project manager how to onboard the Platform and receive free eTickets.

Florence also clearly has a few champions themselves, because some of their team members took it upon themselves to invite representatives from Michigan DOT and one of the testing companies that they work with to receive eTickets as well.

Choose A Champion That Will Fight for Success and Have the Endurance to Stick with It

To kick a new project into gear, someone has to build camaraderie and inspire the team – especially during stressful situations like the ones that COVID-19 has brought to so many. Lucky for Doan Companies, TJ was there to encourage his team members to keep moving forward and to extend that encouragement and knowledge to other companies to keep their operations.

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