"Late Adopter Industry Goes from Good to Great with Transportation Management" Featured on SupplyChainBrain

Dave Donaldson

Dave Donaldson, Business Unit Manager for COMMANDoptimize at Command Alkon, discusses the benefits of transforming transportation logistics through the implementation of a transportation management system.

Featured on SupplyChainBrain:

"The Heavy Building Materials and Construction industry is notoriously characterized as a late adopter of technology.

In fact, one study shows that the industry is next to last in digital transformation. The industry needs to leverage advanced technological solutions that will enhance productivity, improve efficiencies and increase profitability.

One of the largest opportunities for improvement with ready-mixed concrete producers is the daily under-utilization of resources (i.e., trucks, drivers, plants, materials, etc.) … and these resources are not cheap.  A standard concrete mixer truck costs over $150,000. Variable delivery costs run in excess of $1 per minute and are forecasted to continue to rise.  Material costs from plant to plant can vary widely even within a very small organization.  In today’s dispatch environment, the overwhelming amount of data coming from all of these sources has far exceeded the human capacity to absorb this information and make a fully-informed decision...."

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