Key Factors in Implementing Change Management

Embrace Disruption and Change to Improve

Change management is a process that plays an important role in successful transition within a company. Companies willing to sign up for a change management program are the ones who are successful. Those that think they don’t need a change management program will not be.

These naysayers underestimate the amount of work to be done because they have “always done things this way,” or they operate in silos where the C-Suite doesn’t understand what is happening throughout the business. Companies that leverage change management programs will disrupt the competition and thrive.

Whatever the directives of your organization are - to grow, to become more profitable, to become more relevant, to scale, to increase customer service, to position to create higher equity value for shareholders - requires an element of change. Change management requires a cultural shift that needs to take place, demanding requisite changes and incremental movements to become more effective and efficient to sustain competitiveness.

A change management program requires technology to digitally transform your enterprise, which will change the way your business works and how you work with your customers, suppliers and partners. Just throwing software into a digital strategy will not work. Businesses must totally re-engineer their operations and devise digital strategies that bring new value to customers.

The dynamics of today’s market thrives on speed – customers want their orders now, new products are entering the market continuously and product obsolescence is an ongoing event. This dynamics constitutes many changes, not only for operations, but for people and processes. The most crucial strategy is the ability to manage the changes that will occur within your organization, such as re-engineering processes for maintaining, supporting and managing the technology and people.

Change requires a collaboration between all stakeholders in the organization and supply chain to ensure current customers are being serviced while the change process occurs. Command Alkon's suite of solutions provides a network where suppliers, customers, and partners can connect with one another to get insights and visibility into the future success of all involved.

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