Keep Your Business New Year’s Resolutions for 2020 and Beyond with CONNEX

New Year’s is one of the best holidays (in our opinion). New Year’s Eve is a night full of fun, festivities, and heck of a lot of glitter. Then, we roll over to New Year’s Day where, here at Command Alkon’s HQ in the south, is a time to gather with family (and eat ALLLL the greens, black eyed peas, pork, and cornbread). This is usually a chance for us to reflect on the past year, imagine what the next year holds, and make resolutions to improve ourselves as the New Year begins.

Unfortunately, studies show that approximately 80 percent of people who make New Year's resolutions have dropped them by the second week of February. Many people don’t even make it that long – dropping their New Year’s Resolutions on January 19.

If you’ve set resolutions for your business and you’re still holding on to them, congratulations. We’re two days past the 19th, and you’re doing just fine. We want to help you see your goals through to 2021 and beyond.

We introduced CONNEX – The Supplier Collaboration Platform for Construction’s Heavy Work in September, and early adopters are reaping the benefits:

Here are 4 business resolutions that CONNEX can help you achieve:

Don't Just Make Do

Our industry has traditionally lagged in digitization, but investment in construction has more than doubled in the last two decades. There's more funding and more momentum than ever, at any point in history.

Manual tasks interfere with success, but paper tickets and fragmented data is the way you’ve always gotten it done. You probably realize the challenges this creates, but making do with what’s available allows you to put off what you really need to amplify your success. Technology adoption across our industry is the answer to these challenges. It can help all of us to retain new talent, help us meet our sustainability objectives, and help us become more productive (and in turn, more profitable).

However, even for those companies that have adopted technology, there are still challenges. Incompatible and siloed technology systems sit in the market and all throughout organizations in the heavy work industry. The future is all about collaboration, but not just collaboration between your trading partners, but also collaboration between your technology providers. CONNEX can tackle the problems associated with siloed systems. The platform is open to integrations and innovation.

Better Communication

A major villain that can potentially hinder you from seeing your business goals to fruition is inefficient communication practices within your supply chain.

As an open industry collaboration platform for construction, CONNEX connects contractors, project owners, and jobsite inspectors with their heavy building material suppliers and haulers to accomplish more together than they would on their own. Supporting shared digital transformation goals, the platform ensures stakeholders are all working with the same trustworthy information; creating transparency and removing inefficiencies. 

Increase Productivity

Getting rid of some of your time-consuming, tedious tasks grants you and your team members the freedom to work on bigger and better things. 

By automating business processes (such as transportation, materials management, invoice/PO, bid, project management), enables you to improve efficiencies, reduce errors and admin time, increase productivity, and speed cash-to-cash cycle.

CONNEX is a cloud-based platform that allows different stakeholders in a construction project to easily exchange information and conduct business with each other. One of the most critical key success factors within a construction project is cost and time management. CONNEX is designed to increase productivity levels and create unprecedented results across project performance, schedule, workforce management, and safety. 

Empower Your People

The time it takes from data processing to actionable steps taken is too long. Having to dig up data from across multiple reports and spreadsheets isn’t just a pain for your people, but it’s extremely risky for your business. It’s time to empower your people by helping them to have information at the palm of their hands instead of having to chase it down.

CONNEX connects data from a variety of solutions operating across the physical supply chain and equips people to collectively work from a single version of the truth. Many-to-many collaboration is possible using a common data model in the cloud; enabling data to be enriched into actionable information and applied in Command Alkon software or presented in partner solutions. 

We want to know what your business goals are for 2020. Schedule a 15-minute conversation with us so that, together, we can determine how CONNEX can make these goals a reality!

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