Keep Calm and Call the Supply Chain Guys

Without Accurate Data, You’re in the Dark

Managing operations daily through multiple spreadsheets and telephone calls is time consuming and never truly keeps materials supply in check with ever-changing demands. 

Making decisions based on the last spreadsheet update or the last telephone makes your organization susceptible to outdated information, which can cost you lots of moolah.

What if there was a way to calculate ready mix demand in real-time, and balances that demand with existing inventory balances to automatically define and communicate raw materials replenishment needs between trading partners in your supply chain? Imagine the good it could do when those bottlenecks present themselves in your daily operations –

We Didn’t See This Coming….

Socio-economic issues. Driver shortages. Political challenges. Rising materials costs. Limited capacity. Natural disasters. Loss of a supplier, customer, trading partner. Labor shortages. Cargo theft. Poor quality materials. Mergers & Acquisitions.

The supply chain is subject to many activities that create risk, disrupting everything from production, manufacturing, or distribution to losing a transportation mode, all of which can hurt your bottom line and make customers unhappy.

If disruptions in the supply chain occur, not only will customer satisfaction and profits be hurt, but you can also experience:

  • Out-of-stocks in inventory, which means you can’t fill orders, which can delay jobs
  • Production delays, which means your customers can’t get the products they need to complete a job
  • Loss of shareholder value
  • Reduced sales and loss of market share
  • Damaged company reputation

When something goes wrong or a supplier can’t deliver the right materials or equipment, an entire project can be thrown off schedule.

What Gets Measured Gets Improved

To reduce the costs, risks, and waste that result from out-of-stock and over-stock situations, inefficient hauling practices, and lack of transparency, you need a little magic up your sleeve to manage daily replenishment plans.

The magical bullet is supplyCONNECT, which promotes collaboration among supply chain trading partners and saves money and time–ensuring that the right amount of inventory is delivered to the right place when it is needed.

Juggling the supply and demand equation can be a headache. Having transparency and balance between your supply and demand allows you to place an equal emphasis on improving both inbound and outbound delivery processes and empowers you to regain inefficiencies and eliminate wasted time.

Can your supply chain operation benefit from this? Contact us today!

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