Issues Regarding Lack of Visibility in the Field

Visibility within the supply chain has been a top priority for supply chain managers for years. Not only do businesses want visibility, they want to do something with it, such as identifying and implementing better ways to plan and execute their transport operations, monitoring material flows to ensure production and customer deliveries can be made on time and with the right quality and consistency of product, and streamlining operations so that inventory levels can be monitored and replenishment automated.

Cement is the second most consumed substance in the world after water. It is an irreplaceable ingredient in a vast majority of the applications needed in daily life, such as infrastructure projects, buildings and houses. Visibility is needed within the construction supply chain and is often seen as a competitive weapon.

Without visibility:

·Materials that are delayed in the production process can stop the production line whereas if management had known, they could have sought another source of raw materials, keeping production moving.

·Inventory levels aren’t known so management keeps more inventory on hand, raising costs or stock-outs can occur, hurting bottom line revenues.

·Delivery delays to a job site can hurt the quality of the products being delivered, can delay work at the site and can hurt customer satisfaction.

With visibility, companies can:

·Alert customers as to a delay, making you more proactive.

·Focus on exceptions or what is not happening according to plan.

·Keeps production making products so jobs can be fulfilled.

·Use geofences when product leaves production facility and crosses job site and automatically invoice for less touches and faster order-to-cash.

·Can automatically update inventory to keep the right amount of products in inventory.

·Make faster decisions for better insights.

·Improve service levels and make customers happier.

·Link data to key performance indicators for better performance monitoring.

·Reroute trucks to improve delivery times or pickup sequences.

·Minimize risk.

·Leverage Electronic Proof of Delivery to speed payment processes.

·Automatic manual, paper-based processes such as paper tickets, replacing them with electronic communications.

Visibility allows you to focus on what is important and delivery value to customers.

Command Alkon’s TrackIt suite provides a variety of capabilities for the ready-mix concrete and heavy materials industries, including real-time visibility and mapping of individual trucks; the ability to set up geofences; time and attendance functionality, including electronic time cards; and engine diagnostics and electronic driver logs capabilities.

With Command Alkon, you get more timely, more accurate and more complete visibility.


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