Is Your Truck Software Up to Date?


With TrackIt, we aim to provide a high level of service by delivering quality information from our suite of in-cab apps. Our web software is updated automatically; however, one of the most frequent causes of problems is trucks running old software versions with known issues.  

With each new software release, we not only produce new features, but we also improve existing functionality, which sometimes means “squashing bugs.” If your software is not up to date, you probably aren’t receiving the most value from the solution. We find that over 80% of BYOD (customer-managed) tablets are between 6 months and 5 years out of date. 

There are several ways to keep your (Android Tablet) software up to date. Larger deployments use Mobile Device Management (MDM) software to apply updates under control of the business; however, MDM needs to be managed. 

Someone needs to receive the updates from TrackIt, load them into the MDM, and then apply to devices. There have been cases where updates don’t go through, but generally, the lack of awareness and attention to updates is the issue. 

Tablets can also be updated manually, but that requires users to press buttons to initiate updates, which is tedious and can be easily ignored. 

Command Alkon can manage tablet updates and improve our support team’s ability to support our customer’s tablets remotely, using our new TrackIt Remote Support tool. This is installed on customer-managed tablets but allows us to keep software up to date proactively. Tablets we manage are kept up to date with the latest software updates. This provides the best user experience in terms of both performance and support.  Schedule a 15-minute chat with our sales and support team to learn more about this option.  


Rich Haus 

Rich Haus has been with Command Alkon since 2003 in roles ranging from Implementation, Client Success, Sales, and he is currently the Product Manager for TrackIt, Command Alkon’s Truck Tracking & Telematics solution. 


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