Is There a Time Warp on Your Construction Site?

Time flies. On most construction projects, time not only flies, it takes a big chunk of productivity and profitability with it as it takes flight. It only makes sense: we “spend” time on valuable work activities, and “lose” time when we’re forced to search for missing tools or information, negotiate and settle conflicts, find and correct mistakes, or handle any other activities that don’t directly advance the actual construction of your project.

By some estimates, as much as 35% of construction professionals’ time is wasted on these “non-optimal” activities that do not contribute to project delivery.

Wasted time is gone for good–there’s no getting it back. The only long-term solution is to look ahead to identify how and why the overconsumption of time is occurring, and actively implement effective, relevant time-saving processes.

Engaging in any activity that takes more time than you expect or have planned for lengthens your project life cycle, increases your salary and labor costs, and busts your budget.  But obviously you can’t just avoid handling those unproductive tasks.

Instead, your goal should be to improve communications in ways that eliminate or at least minimize the underlying causes that are making these tasks necessary:

  • Are project documents current and easily available?
  • Is project data compatible and accessible across platforms?
  • Do all stakeholders have visibility into the information they need to coordinate and collaborate effectively?

If you’re still trying to manage project communications manually, you’re already living on borrowed time. Isn’t it time you invested in construction-specific digital and mobile technologies that match time and resources? Sharing visibility and streamlining communications can help give you time to spare.

Command Alkon provides solutions that improve communication in the field and minimize unproductive time. Command Alkon’s TrackIt offers GPS truck tracking, telematics, and fleet and workforce management for Heavy Building Materials suppliers and haulers. Electronic timesheets make it easy to review, edit, approve and pay–from the cab or via the Web. Real-time visibility into your fleet and mapping of individual trucks lets you analyze jobs, routes, productivity and performance.  Improve customer service by improving your view of what is really going on.

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