Innovative Engineer and Business Strategist Presents “Emerging Technology: Friend or Foe” Keynote at ELEVATE–The Command Alkon Conference

Insightful Leader in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Industry, Anne Ellis, to Take the Stage in Austin

Birmingham, AL – October 2, 2018 Command Alkon, the global leader in integrated supply chain technology solutions for the Heavy Building Materials industry, is happy to announce Anne Ellis, Founder and CEO of Ellis Global, as a keynote speaker for ELEVATE – The Command Alkon Conference. Anne is a leader in the AEC industry and has experience with small, medium and industry-leading businesses delivering design, construction and management services across a range of markets including transportation, facilities, environmental, power and energy.

"Disruptive technologies are helping companies to achieve remarkable feats,” said Ed Rusch, VP of Marketing at Command Alkon.  “Anne is perfectly positioned to talk about the impact of digital advancement in the Heavy Building Materials space. Her work explores technology innovation, disruption and the real-world applications for improvements in materials, means, and methods. Her unique ability to make these concepts accessible and understandable makes for a powerful keynote.”

Anne is a respected powerhouse in the building materials and construction engineering space. She began her career in structural engineering practice, followed by roles with the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association and Portland Cement Association advancing new technologies, approaches and industry collaborations.

She is coauthor of the “Concrete Design and Construction” chapter of the Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers, Fifth Edition. Anne’s industry insights are relied upon by government and business leaders, as she serves on several industry boards and U.S. Government advisory councils. She also serves as Executive Director of the Charles Pankow Foundation, leading industry collaborations and research efforts, and delivering solutions that help the design and construction industry be more efficient and cost competitive.

For more information regarding the Conference, download the ELEVATE Electronic Brochure and check out the event website. Hope to see you in Austin, Texas!

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