Ingredients of A Successful Supply Chain: Transparency, Visibility, and Traceability - Featured on Talking Logistics


As the world becomes a more digitally-enabled community of people, things, and services, technology will be embedded in almost everything. People will leverage analytics engines, machine learning, internet-connected sensors, and more to fundamentally boost efficiencies everywhere.

Contrasting software tools that are meant to enhance decision-making and execution make it difficult to optimize planning, collaborate with trading partners, and deliver superior customer experiences. In the age of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, businesses are empowered to create a fully-connected network of data about the physical items around them.

Today, most supply chains involve a network of resources scattered across facilities and entities. It’s a journey to ensure a successful supply chain and control operations, not only inside of your own four walls, but across your industry as well. Having visibility into material flows and traceability of material properties ensure quality is baked into the process...

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