Hurricane Michael: The Storm Is Over, but the Recovery Is Just Beginning

October 31, 2018 Karli Langner

Hurricane Michel was a monster, a rampaging beast that ripped buildings from foundations, destroyed whole communities, splintered military bases, mowed down entire forests and knocked out power to a million+ homes and businesses in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, both Carolinas and Virginia. For 73 hours, Michael gathered his fury, reaching Category 4 (but just 2 mph shy of Category 5) by landfall.

With winds of 155 mph and a 10-foot storm surge, Michael was the third strongest hurricane ever to hit the US mainland based on barometric pressure and the fourth strongest based on wind speeds. Agricultural and timber losses alone are expected to top $4 billion across the Southeast. Hundreds of thousands are still without power. The toll on life and property continues to climb.

As Americans do during times of crisis, individuals, organizations, businesses and government agencies are coming together to deliver aid to victims and help the communities begin to recover and rebuild. Monetary donations, trucked-in food, water and cleaning supplies, medical aid, logistical support, and teams of volunteers are spreading hope. Some counties are waiving building permit fees or delaying the application requirements for homeowners and contractors. Utilities across the US are sending crews to restore power. Social media users are helping connect residents with the help they need.

Would you like to help? For information on what’s needed and links to resources, start with this article from The New York Times.

We at Command Alkon are appalled by the damage Hurricane Michael left in its wake. Our heartfelt prayers go out to all the storm’s victims.

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