"How to Offset Driver Shortage in the Heavy Materials Industry" Featured on SupplyChainBrain


There's no question that there's a driver shortage in the Heavy Building Materials industry, but is this issue truly as impactful as it's made out to be? Rather than harping on needing more trucks and drivers, a new approach can be taken to determine a solution for the existing problems; the industry needs better information to better utilize existing trucks and drivers.

Jason Campbell, Product Owner at Command Alkon, shares his insights on how to counteract the severity of the driver shortage with SupplyChainBrain.

​"The supply chain for the heavy building material (HBM) industry flows from the contractor back upstream to concrete providers, back to material suppliers, and with trucking involved up and down the chain. Like all industries today, there is a growing concern within the construction materials industry surrounding trucking capacity. Per the U.S. Census and FMI Forecast, construction put in place is estimated to continue to grow in both residential and non-residential construction through 2021. From a macro level, construction is going to remain strong for the near future — and, the challenge facing the industry is not from a lack of raw materials — it’s coming from the agility to move the materials. Per the American Trucking Association, the national driver shortage is expected to quadruple by 2024 while U.S. News and World Report says truck freight is expected to expand nearly 29 percent by 2026. That is a recipe for pain for the construction materials industry..."

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