Here's a Secret to Getting an Edge at Bid Time

One Simple App, So Many Benefits

In an industry where time is precious, nothing can be more frustrating than having no visibility into delivery information. Constantly having to pick up the phone to ask about concrete pours or whether or not materials have been delivered can be such a hassle – especially when there is a high volume of jobs that are being juggled.

There’s challenges that interfere with the goals of strengthened collaboration with vendors and improved project profitability: gaps in deliveries, inaccurate tickets; difficulty in locating order information; and a lack of communication resulting in mistrust.

You can overcome these challenges by offering your customers real-time visibility in to the status of their orders. Empowering them with this knowledge can set your business apart at bid time.

With MOBILEjobsite, site managers can gain instant access to track current orders and delivery status times, giving them the power to make informed day-to-day decisions from wherever they are. Users can instantly access information including:

  • Current order progress
  • Summary of that day’s orders
  • Summary of next-day and future orders
  • Email/SMS notifications when loads leave the plant
  • Mapped truck locations
  • Status times for loads​

MOBILEjobsite makes you part of a trusted network. Let us be your guide in delivering transparency to your customers.

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