Help Your Sales Department be the Best They Can Be

Good sales processes are central to your success. Without them, it’s hard to streamline your business and maintain a basic workflow to support classic sales process steps. These steps are:

  • Prospecting requires intelligence gathering, creating a profile of existing customers, and identifying the major market segments they fall into so you can adjust your sales and marketing techniques.
  • Your sales team’s approach is how your sales reps choose to begin to build customer relationships, continue the intelligence gathering that began during prospecting, and demonstrate how dedicated they are to offering value to the customer.
  • On-site demonstrations or video presentations are perfect for building a compelling and personalized case for how your product or service will fulfill the prospect’s immediate needs. Your sales team’s success at this stage depends heavily on how well they’ve researched the prospect’s specific needs and concerns and position themselves as trusted advisors.
  • Handling objections—from price to timing to fear of change — is all a matter of demonstrating the value of your solution and the cost or risk that comes from not buying.
  • Handling the closing means getting a prospect to sign a contract and become a customer, whether through delivering a proposal based on verbally agreed-upon terms, getting buy-in from all the decision-makers or negotiating the final price.
  • Good follow-up can double your closing ratio and nurturing includes post-sales support and finding opportunities to increase the value of the business relationship through upselling. Well-nurtured customers can also provide a significant source of referrals, making them a valuable lead source.

Better sales workflow through enforced sales processes

Enforcing sales processes helps keep your sales force highly mobile — out and productive in the field, along with:

  • ensures quotes are generated with accurate pricing information, reducing costly downstream reworks in the back office.
  • simplifies information capture so reps can focus on building client relationships rather than trying to record information and doing administrative tasks.
  • provides real-time visibility via an accurate job backlog and sales forecast, so reps can easily make decisions and adjustments.
  • gets your sales team up to speed with all-important preparation, prior to even stepping foot in the field, and even helps with pre-sales planning, giving them access to information on relevant products, industries, and customers.

MOBILEsales from Command Alkon helps to enforce smooth sales processes, so your reps can streamline their bid-to-project process and are free to do what they do best: develop relationships with customers and generate more revenue while providing superior service. To get the best sales tool for the heavy building materials industry, contact Command Alkon today.

Building an “enforced” sales process using mobile sales solutions can help your sales team define and do exactly what they need to do at each step of the sales process, so all your reps are following the same game-plan.

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