Greater Efficiency with Less Office Time? MOBILEsales Provides Flexibility That Can Improve Productivity

Maschmeyer has fourteen locations with 150 delivery vehicles producing ready mix concrete, concrete block, fabricated rebar, and building materials while proudly maintaining their reputation for producing quality products. They currently services over 2,600 customers with over 800 mix designs and is one of only four producers in Florida that house a DOT certified laboratory.

According to Steve Bishop, Vice President and General Manager, their sales processes had not kept pace with their business. The sales team generated quotes using Excel files that were stored on a central server. Files were not tied to specific customers, making it difficult to cross reference them within a centralized hub of information.

Even with a clearly defined sales process, creating quotes and projects in COMMANDconcrete had to be done manually. Locating historical customer information and price information was increasingly difficult as the sales team and customer base grew. At the end of each month Maschmeyer was using multiple tools to track sales KPIs and manually generating reports from different software platforms.

They needed a sales automation application that would integrate directly into their foundational systems. The application would ideally be available through the internet so they could keep their sales team in the field with their customers.

Maschmeyer selected MOBILEsales as the application that would streamline their bid to project process. The value that MOBILEsales provides on a daily basis has strengthened the relationships with their customers and allowed them to generate more revenue while providing superior service.

Want to learn more about Maschmeyer’s journey with MOBILEsales? Check out this case study.

A mobile sales solution can enhance productivity by enabling your sales team to spend more time in the field servicing accounts and generating business.

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