Goodbye Paper. Why Digitize Your Business?

The Heavy Building Materials Industry is Ripe for Digitization

Times have changed in the Heavy Building Materials (HBM) industry. The time is right for the move to digitization. No longer can HBM businesses use paper-based processes to run their business. Why? Because inefficiencies, lost productivity, decreased profits and unhappy customers are hurting your business.

Moving to a digital business means that communications, collaboration and cost-savings will improve. Here’s why:

·Digital records that include photographs make all the difference when it comes to proving a claim or resolving an issue.

·Paper forms are typically returned to an office where an administrator keys the information into a computer. This duplication of effort fosters inefficiencies, eats up admin time and can lead to errors due to typos and missed keystrokes.

·Savvy leaders know that having the right information can help them make smart decisions to boost the bottom line. Paper-based systems can’t create that kind of business intelligence because there is no good way to aggregate data and use it effectively.

·The construction supply chain is very complex with raw materials coming from multiple suppliers. Often cost overruns occur because of duplicate orders or excess products ordered by mistake - or a host of other issues. Containing costs and keeping tabs on orders is too complex for paper. With digitization, you could send your order to a supplier who can confirm duplication, then the supplier can issue a refund immediately, which would go directly to your bottom line.

·Digitization improves interactions between parties, helping with issue settlement, improving efficiencies and productivity, which help to cut costs and streamline operations. Digitization improves collaboration and communication between supply chain partners. Everyone works together much better when all parties can see what is happening up and down the supply chain.

·Digitization improves customer service and satisfaction. If your customer wants to know where his supplies are, you can quickly see orders in transit using Command Alkon’s TrackIt solution, which gives you continuous access to truck location, speed and traffic, combined with plant, quarry and job specific geofences.

Getting rid of paper is good for the environment, too. Did you know that In 2016, humans created more than half a billion tons of paper, and U.S. offices used more than 12.1 trillion sheets of paper a year. It’s no wonder that more than a quarter of all landfill waste is paper.

Unnecessary waste and manual paper processes should become a thing of the past in this industry. Command Alkon has a range of products that can help digitally transform your business. Please contact us to start a conversation.

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