4 Ways to Give Yourself Peace of Mind When Outsourcing Fleet

Fleet outsourcing allows you to gain all the benefits of a private fleet without the challenges of managing one. By outsourcing you can lower risk, reduce costs, and free-up capital. In turn, you can focus on your core business and increase revenue.

However, regardless of the benefits, some businesses are nervous to turn the reigns over to fleet that isn't company-owned. No need to fret - stay in command of your entire fleet, both owned and third party haulers, with unmatched visibility into material deliveries and streamlined digital processes for ticketing, invoicing and hauler payments. 

Monitor Performance Like Company-Owned Fleet

Extend the great analysis and control you have of your own fleet to third party haulers.  Monitor driver performance, identify issues like late deliveries in advance and proactively manage your customer service.

Know Where Third Party Trucks Are Always

Know when your load will arrive at the jobsite, which trucks are coming and when the truck will return to your plant.  Assign loads to drivers and easily message drivers when needed.

Visibility Unlocked

Know what drivers are doing when they are working for you and  measure performance of your hauling activities as a whole, instead of piecemeal. 

Eliminate Paper in Back Office Operations

Capture data and insights in real-time by eliminating paper haul sheets and delivery tickets.   Seamlessly coordinate AR/AP functions across all trading partners to pay haulers and generate accurate invoices in a timely manner.  System supports hauler pay both hourly or performance basis.

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