Build an Amazing Country and Promote Veterans Workforce Opportunities Post-Service

In a recent article in Supply Chain Brief, it was reported that the US now has more than one job available for every unemployed person. The unemployment rate has fallen to 3.7 percent, which is the lowest since December 1969. And the US is on track to create 2 million new jobs for the 8th consecutive year. All this means is that there is a big worker shortage and it is only going to get worse.

Nowhere is the talent shortage worse as in the supply chain industry with a huge need for truck drivers, manufacturing workers, warehouse personnel and others. US warehouses and distribution centers need half a million workers this year and in 2019, according to CBRE.

At the recent Command Alkon ELEVATE 2018 Conference, this topic came up often among attendees. It is just hard to find talent – for most supply chain jobs.

One attendee mentioned that she is reaching out to post military personnel to find appropriate candidates for all kinds of positions. She said that these people turn out to be exceptional workers – very dedicated and hard working – plus they typically have had excellent training in a variety of fields, so it is easy to find someone for most positions that you have available.

Now on this Veteran’s Day, executives can help our service men and women by hiring them, which will help businesses suffering from the labor shortage.

So the next time you need to hire someone to work on your jobsite or to drive a truck or to perform office work or anything else, reach out to your local military association to find military personnel who are eager to work in this environment.

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