Get CONNEX Connected and Maximize the Value and Profitability of Your Business While We Manage the Underlying Complexity

The amount of time and effort it takes to gather the data needed to make process improvements doesn’t have to be the standard cost of doing business. If you are tired of manual, paper-based processes and not having the right information at the right time, then you are ready for CONNEX.

Connect once to the platform, and you have access to other partners on the network, making it easier to share data, collaborate on projects, and communicate everything from change orders to shipment dates.

The CONNEX Connectivity Layer supports sending and receiving data in electronic format, such as EDI, XML, API, or web services, without human intervention. The benefits of trading partner collaboration and the cost savings are unmatched in the heavy work industry.

The CONNEX Platform is a “come as you are” solution. To adopt the CONNEX Platform, there is little to no change of your current business operations needed.

The CONNEX Connector, available in various forms, can be leveraged behind the scenes with minimal to no disruption. New Command Alkon equipment or software installs are pre-loaded with CONNEX Connector technology.

Want to know how you can connect to the platform? Schedule a 15-minute chat with us.

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