Facing Challenges Head-On to Optimize Business Operations

Some companies see obstacles as threats, while others see them as an opportunity to grow. Your view of barriers to achieving your goals affects how you react. This hero isn’t afraid to face challenges and understands what it takes to overcome them. Their ability to adapt to new processes is what sets them apart as an industry hero.

Dyckerhoff Basal

Dyckerhoff Basal is a full subsidiary company of Dyckerhoff, which is part of the Italian group Buzzi Unicem. The group is active in 11 countries worldwide and has 11,000 employees. Dyckerhoff Basal Nederlands B.V. operates with its subsidiaries 14 ready-mixed concrete plants and one aggregate quarry in the Netherlands.

Dyckerhoff Basal is a trailblazer when it comes to new technology. They are continuously looking for ways to do improve their operations, plan for the future, and stay ahead of their competition.

They trust in Command Alkon to act as a guide in managing all of their sites from one central location and optimizing their production and transport.

To streamline their operations, they integrate a full range of Command Alkon products, including: CP: Process Control, CL: Quality Control, CM: Conactive Management.

Implementing an optimization solution like CM: Conactive Management was a challenge, but one that Dyckerhoff Basal was willing to face! The biggest challenge when it came to the solution was the ability of the dispatch team to trust the tool. Putting your faith in a piece of technology can be difficult, especially because the optimization engine sounds like it’s too good to be true. The key is to work with the optimization engine, not rely on it. You get the most value out of optimization when human logic and the algorithms that the engine produces develop a symbiotic relationship.

“CM: Conactive Management has provided us with more insight in to the daily planning of all of our sites, and has helped us to better utilize our fleet.”  – Gerbrand Boltjes, IT Manager at Dyckerhoff Basal

The integration of CP, CL, and CM brings value to their business because the shared information improves their reporting and helps them to better analyze data and make more informed decisions.

“Command Alkon helps us to better service our customers because our different sites and locations can better collaborate with one another.”

We’re pleased to have a partnership with Dyckerhoff Basal for the last twenty-four years. We look forward to our continued relationship, and all of the success that this company is sure to achieve in the future.

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